2023 Chem. Lett. Original

Pseudo-Topotactic Transformation from Oxide Nanosheets to Amorphous Nanosheets


Hikaru Sugimoto, , Eisuke Yamamoto, and "Pseudo-Topotactic Transformation from Oxide Nanosheets to Amorphous Nanosheets", Chem. Lett., 2023, 52, 322-324.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1246/cl.230073


We demonstrated the synthesis of amorphous oxide nanosheets from crystalline nanosheets prepared by the exfoliation of layered compounds. Single-crystalline oxide nanosheets were calcined with C3N4 powder in flowing nitrogen and annealed in air to produce amorphous oxide nanosheets. The cation composition and valence, shape, lateral size, surface roughness, and thickness were not changed by treatment. This approach enables the production of amorphous oxide nanosheets with distinct morphologies and compositions and large lateral sizes.

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