2023 Original Small

Free-standing Molecularly Thin Amorphous Silica Nanosheets


Eisuke Yamamoto, Kosuke Fujihara, Yuma Takezaki, Ito Kentaro, Yue Shi, , and "Free-standing Molecularly Thin Amorphous Silica Nanosheets" Small, just accepted. 

DOI: 10.1002/smll.202300022


Recent progress in two-dimensional (2D) materials has initiated new fields of molecularly thin amorphous materials with mysterious properties and structures. However, designed synthesis of molecularly thin amorphous silica still remains a challenge; whether free-standing molecularly thin amorphous silica nanosheets could exist is unclear. Here, we address this issue by using a new chemical protocol; solid-state surfactant lamellae with ordered alkyl-chain arrangements can serve as superior templates guiding free-standing amorphous silica nanosheets. Simple sonication of the lamellar hybrids allows exfoliation into monolayer amorphous silica nanosheets with 0.9 nm thickness. In addition, the nanosheets show the distinctive feature of high colloidal stability that enables atomic layer engineering of silica nanocoatings and dielectric nanofilms. Our approach might shed new light on the properties and applications of old silica.

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