2023 Chem. Lett. Original

2D Bismuth Oxyfluorides: A New Member of Cationic Nanosheets


, Tsubasa Tasaka, Eisuke Yamamoto, and "2D Bismuth Oxyfluorides: A New Member of Cationic Nanosheets", Chem. Lett., just accepted. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1246/cl.230136


Two kinds of single-crystalline oxyfluoride nanosheets were synthesized by exfoliation of layered bismuth oxyfluorides intercalated with nitrates. The solution-based exfoliation process produced multilayered cationic oxyfluoride nanosheets with thicknesses of several nanometers. A second harmonic generation measurement clarified that one of the nanosheets had a noncentrosymmetric structure. This is the first example of a cationic nanosheet with nonlinear optical properties.

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