2023 Original Sci. Rep.

Layer-dependent stability of 2D mica nanosheets


J.-H. Kim, V. V. Kulish, S. Wu, P. Wu, Y. Shi, M. Osada, H.-W. Kim, S.-S. Kim, Layer-dependent stability of 2D mica nanosheets , Scientific Reports 13, 7880 (2023)


We report on the layer-dependent stability of muscovite-type two-dimensional (2D) mica nanosheets (KAl3Si3O10(OH)2). First-principles calculations on mica nanosheets with different layer thicknesses (n = 1, 2, and 3) reveal their layer-dependent stability; odd-numbered 2D mica nanosheets are more stable than even-numbered ones, and the preferable stability of odd-numbered layers originates from electronic effects. A core-shielding model is proposed with a reasonable assumption, successfully proving the instability of the even-numbered mica nanosheets. Raman imaging supports that the population of odd-numbered mica nanosheets is predominant in exfoliated mica products. The alternating charge states with odd/even layers were evidenced by Kelvin probe force microscopy. We also demonstrate a unique photocatalytic degradation, opening new doors for environmental applications of mica nanosheets.

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