2023 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Automated One-Drop Assembly for Facile 2D Film Deposition


Yue Shi, Eisuke Yamamoto, , and "Automated One-Drop Assembly for Facile 2D Film Deposition" ACS appl. Mater.  , just accepted.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1021/acsami.3c02250


The effective application of 2D materials is strongly dependent on the mass production of high-quality large-area 2D thin films. Here, we demonstrate a strategy for the automated manufacturing of high-quality 2D thin films using a modified drop-casting approach. Our approach is simple; by using an automated pipette, a dilute aqueous suspension is dropped onto a substrate heated on a hotplate, and controlled convection by Marangoni flow and liquid removal causes the nanosheets to come together to form a tile-like monolayer film in 1–2 min. Ti0.87O2 nanosheets are utilized as a model system for investigating the control parameters such as concentrations, suction speeds, and substrate temperatures. We perform the automated one-drop assembly of a range of 2D nanosheets (metal oxides, graphene oxide, and hexagonal boron nitride) and successfully fabricate various functional thin films in multilayered, heterostructured, and sub-micrometer-thick forms. Our deposition method enables on-demand large-size (>2 inchϕ) manufacturing of high-quality 2D thin films while reducing the time and sample consumption.

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