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2018 Dalton Transactions Review

Nanoarchitectonics in dielectric/ferroelectric layered perovskites: from bulk 3D systems to 2D nanosheets


2018, 'News: Stahlbau 10/2018', Stahlbau, vol. 87, no. 10, pp. 1039-1039 doi:10.1039/C7DT03719H


 We present an overview of recent investigations on the dielectric/ferroelectric properties of Dion–Jacobson-type perovskites, including bulk 3D layered systems and their exfoliated 2D nanosheets. In contrast to the Ruddlesden–Popper and Aurivillius phases, the Dion–Jacobson phases in bulk 3D systems have not been important targets for constructing dielectric/ferroelectric materials. However, recent investigations on Dion–Jacobson phases have provided new impetus to dielectric/ferroelectric materials. Dion–Jacobson perovskites can also facilitate delamination into 2D nanosheets. Layer-by-layer engineering of 2D perovskite nanosheets has a great potential for the rational design of new high-k dielectric/ferroelectric materials and nanodevices./p>

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